Associated Faculty

School of Art & Art History

  • Bjorn Anderson is involved with the Levantine Ceramics Project, an archaeological database designed to gather ceramic research into a central, publicly accessible site.
  • Peter Chanthanakone produces 3D animated short films displayed on various screens in public venues like Times Square in NYC and in film festivals
  • Monica Correia uses digital technologies to design functional objects, furniture, and interiors inspired in forms found in nature and in her cultural heritage.
  • Bradley Dicharry uses traditional and emerging design theories and practices to provide creative solutions to local and regional nonprofit organizations.
  • Steve McGuire uses digital design processes to create custom bicycles for endurance performances and web tools for storytelling.
  • Jon Winet is a new media artist interested in issues of politics, art, language, and image in the information age.

Cinematic Arts

  • Paula Amad teaches film and photographic history and theory, with a specialization in media archiving, and will be teaching a course on Digital Archives Fall 2014.
  • Steven Ungar teaches courses on visual arts, with emphasis on social documentary and essay modes in US and European contexts.

Computer Science

  • Joe Kearney uses virtual environments to explore human interaction with traffic. He also explores human/computer interaction.
  • Juan Pablo Hourcade’s main area of research is Human-Computer Interaction, with a focus on the design, implementation and evaluation of technologies that support creativity, collaboration and information access for a variety of users, including children and older adults.
  • Denise Szecsei is a mathematician who teaches a course on Dancing Robots


  • Michael Sakamoto is an interdisciplinary artist active in dance, theatre, performance, photography, and media. 


  • Nicole Grosland (Biomedical Engineering) develops and applies experimental and 3D computational models, primarily in the area of biomechanics, to address research questions in the musculoskeletal sciences.
  • Geb Thomas (Industrial and Mechanical Engineering) studies human-machine systems with a particular emphasize on improving the effectiveness of professional work.  His past projects have focused on human-robot interaction and simulators for medical education.


  • Lawrence Fritts is a composer and teacher of electronic music.
  • David Gompper is director for the Center for New Music. He is a composer who works in traditional, electronic and digital formats.

Theatre Arts

  • Eric Stone is a scene designer and web-site creator.
  • Bryon Winn is a lighting and sound designer and works with large scale institutional events such as fund raising campaigns.